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Our Mission at EOD Home Buying is to connect EOD techs and families to others within the community to help in their home buying process anywhere in the US. The EOD community is a FAMILY to us and we want to ensure each person is well taken care of and able to utilize the best resources available to them.

Why Choose Us

  • Support EOD Small Businesses

  • Directly impact an EOD Tech's Family

  • Support The EOD Warrior Foundation

  • Initial Success or Total Failure Standards

Your Loan with Justin Hamilton

supports the EOD Warrior Foundation

Early last year, we reached out to our friends and family for help to put our daughter in an innovative therapy clinic after she suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis on her left side of the body. We were deeply touched and will forever be grateful to everyone for the overwhelming support we received for Libby. She was able to attend two therapy clinics which made a huge impact in her mobility and quality of life. Most of the financial support we received came from the EOD community, many of whom we didn't even know. It was beautiful to see that the EOD Community is really a Family.

We have been blessed to be serving our EOD Community as their mortgage lenders for the past 5 years. We want to pay it forward so that other families like us, who need help, can reach out to the Foundation to receive the support they need. This is why we give the EOD Warrior Foundation 5% of our personal commission from closing a loan.

Here is a link to the EOD Warrior Foundation to learn more about what they do.